Plans for September!
Hey everyone, happy September!

We pray and trust all is well~

We just wanted to make a post to fill you all in on our plans for this month. Y'know, in order to give our most loyal supporters/fans, a good idea of where their money is going and everything that we'll be planning and/or working on this month. :]

  • Patreon Chibi Rewards

For those of you who haven't gotten your chibis yet, you will get them this month! One of our top priorities is always making sure we give back to those who have so generously given to us! Yavanna put a lot of love and work into the chibis that have already been posted, and all future Patreon rewards will get the same amount of loving detail. Anyway, if you haven't received your chibi yet, expect it by the end of September! Thank you for your patience!

  • Ransomed Wings: Act 1 as Our Primary Focus

As you all know, we've been advertising Act 1 of our comic Ransomed Wings for some time now. It's always been our production focus, but along the way there has been side projects, distractions, obstacles and changes to our ministry that have all affected the pace of the comic's ultimate production. Well, we've been changing things over the last two months, trying to get organized, and making some big plans along the way. We're finally at a place where we can honestly tell you guys that we're on track with Act 1, and this month is going to be all about taking care of business and tying up loose ends so that we can finally start to release this comic! 

What does all this mean exactly? It means that Act 1 of Ransomed Wings will be our absolute creative focus for both everything that we work on, and almost everything that we post this month. Up until this point, you've been getting a very broad look at character and story elements of Ransomed Wings here on Patreon. Most of the sketches and drawings we've posted relate to characters that won't even debut in Act 1! I suppose what we want to do now is scale back a bit, and let you all get to know our main cast of characters first and foremost, along with other characters that will appear in Act 1 of the story.

One of our big goals this month is to get ALL of the unreleased character profiles up onto our website. We've also been looking at ways we can get everyone a bit more familiar with our main cast. So you can expect more sketches and drawings of our lead characters this month. We hope you'll look at it as a fun way to really get to know these characters before they appear in Act 1.

You have all been very patient with us, that's not something that we take lightly! There are only a few more hurdles to clear before Ransomed Wings can start it's release. Every day we get closer to making the release announcement. So please just wait a little bit longer, we've got a lot of exciting things in the works that we think you're going to like! 

We hope you all enjoy September as much as we're going to!

Take care guys, and God bless!

-Tim and Yavanna

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