Plans for A Lopeliie's Guide - World Domination
Greetings, Bunnies!   

We mentioned we’d address some news about A Bunny Girl’s Guide in an earlier post, and well, here it is!   

From here on out, ‘A Bunny Girl’s Guide - World Domination’ will now be named ‘A Lopeliie’s Guide - World Domination’. To clear confusion, ‘Lopeliie’ is now the official name of the race in the story! The name change was bound to happen for multiple reasons, a major reason being that we want to take this project much more seriously than we have in the past. We have improved a lot from this period of developing Lelodomine, and are ready to make A Lopeliie’s Guide, ALG, as good as it deserves to be. 

Everything about the game will be improved, and the story will have much more seriousness to it but don’t fret, the silly comedy will remain! There are a bunch of other small new changes to the project, but we will let you discover them all yourself.  

Working on Lelodomine taught us that we like to take our time making things quality, going well beyond the time we expect to spend on a project. So, because A Lopeliie’s Guide’s story will be longer, to make things go smoothly for this development process we have decided to split the game up into episodes. This way, we can focus making each piece of the game quality and release them for you all much easier!  

This is also a good time to give an update on our plans for crowd funding. We plan on having a Kickstarter for the first episode eventually once we achieve some progress on it, and prepare ourselves properly. We will also have a new demo released alongside the Kickstarter, and our supporters on Patreon will have early access to it! And, as always, we will be posting sneak peeks at our progress on ALG, along with some other goodies we have planned. Our page has also been updated with new information on the game, and sadly, since it is very outdated, the demo has been removed for now. There is a link to the page below!

To everyone that has supported us on Patreon, had our backs, or just took interest in what we are doing, thank you! Your support has not been in vain, and we are very eager to meet your expectations, hopefully even exceeding them!