Plans for July

Now that I have a Patreon, I'll try to be more consistent in the rate of development of MFCG and other stuff. Here are some of the things I'm going to work on this month.

MFCG 0.7.1

The next update of the city generator will be relatively small, but it will include a frequently requested feature - districts renaming. Actually, it was planned to be released along with the districts themselves, but the way it was implemented proved to be too prone for bugs, so now I'm remaking it. Please note, that you will be able to change district names, but not district borders.

The rest of the update will consist mostly of small changes, improvements and bug fixes. I hope to release it in a couple of weeks or so.

Beyond 0.7.1

These features are in the early stage of development. Maybe not even development, but more like research. They won't be released this month and most likely they won't be included in 0.7.2, but I'm interested in implementing them this way or another sooner or later.

Curvilinear streets

When looked from a distance, lack of curves is one of the things distinguishing generated maps from real ones most prominently - everything consists of straight segments. Curved district labels from the last release were designed to hide it, but I'd like to find a real solution for this problem. Here is a screenshot of my experiment in this area:

Alternative way of block cutting

One year ago I said that I was content with building generation in MFCG. Well, I'm not anymore. So I am trying to invent a better way to cut blocks into lots with a goal to have side walls being perpendicular to the street. Something like this (new vs old):

SVG as a method of map drawing

This is a detail of implementation, but a rather important one. If I find out that it's not too difficult and it doesn't have major drawbacks (functionality-wise), I'll switch to SVG and it will have consequences:

  • Pro: some technical problems will be resolved automatically. For example, finally the generator will get a zoom feature!
  • Pro: I won't need to spend time on implementing two drawing methods, SVG will be used for on-screen drawing and export.
  • Con: while it's possible to continue developing mainly in Haxe, I won't be able to avoid coding some parts in JS. I'm not used to it, it will require time for me to adapt.
  • The desktop version will be implemented as an Electron application (instead of a native OpenFL one). Not sure if it's a con or a pro.

Procgen Mansion

Also I'm planning to update Procgen Mansion. It will become possible to choose the size of a mansion and to export floor plans as SVG. The generator is going to get some visual improvements as well.

Armored Vehicles 

The theme of the next Procedural Challenge is announced and it's "Armored Vehicles"! My entry for the previous one was pretty boring and this time I'll try better. Unfortunately, warfare machinery is not exactly my thing and so far I don't know what and how to generate. If you have any ideas, please share!

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