As I mentioned earlier this month, since I'm working on something HUGE in the background, I'm going to be spreading out some of my cosplays over the coming months. So Deku will be finished hopefully this week, and then the next one is TWILIGHT SPARKLE from MLP - I've drawn her up as a Dark Mage/Warlock using DnD as a reference. I'll be streaming work on her soon!

March's BOUDOIR will be an Adepta Sororitas - Sister of Battle - from WH40K. Those who know me know I am a huge Warhammer fan (although I mostly play Sigmar until the new Sisters come out). I didn't feel comfortable making Twilight into a sexy boudoir, but something about the HERESY in a sexy Sister seemed like fun! Besides, I have had a full Sister cosplay planned for Icon JHB 2018 so it works!

Thanks for your support in Feb! <3 and now onto March!