plans for next year
Dear former students, friends, and community,

It’s been a few months since we last updated you all. Since that time, there have been a couple major developments: first, we graduated our 7th class of students (many thanks to Asya, Alex, Lucy, Katie, and Jamie for working with us!) and second, we put on a week-long, multi-media art exhibit in Hudson, NY, called the “Lazarus Project” - a collaboration between Laura Summer, Sampsa Pirtola, Jordan Walker and Tim Kowalski.

Now summer is underway. Laura is about to begin a two-week workshop in Harlemville which is an artistic investigation of trees in relation to Rudolf Steiner’s sketches; Susannah is working with local kids to make animal puppets for the Philmont parade and is also preparing for her upcoming “Camp Curiosity;” and Nathaniel is working long hours with his dedicated troop of puppeteers in preparation for his production of “Momo, the Time Titan,” based on the children’s story by Michael Ende (pictures attached). 

In the fall we will begin our 8th year of study, but this time it will look quite different! Instead of the usual full-time course, Laura is offering a more flexible, semi-independent “residency.” There will be 5 painting blocks, each of which will consist of 3 weeks of work with Laura and 3 weeks of independent or collaborative project work. Students can come for one 6 week block or for the whole 9 months. For more info on the course check out our website.

Also, we could use help spreading the word! We are accepting applications for two more weeks and doing a major push via email and social media, so please pass this email along to anyone you think might be interested and share our postcard on Facebook!

Thanks for all your steadfast support,

Seth, Nathaniel, and Laura