plans for this month! (and beyond)
Slowly getting back into the swing of things now that life has (hopefully) calmed down for a while. I only managed to get three things up last month (chapter, sneak peak, and commentary) which means that the Milestone Goal story will go up THIS month (hopefully in a few days) and the PDF for this month will likely also be L&S related. That's because the chapter going up will be the first full rewritten chapter of PSoG/now renamed A Revolution Kind, which is Saul's chapter. No idea what I would do for PDFs for this story, other than maybe character bios or something (I do have fake college ID cards for basically all the characters). Either way, that chapter will be going up this month because it got second place after Obscura in the last poll. July will be Chiaroscuro again, and then I'll have another poll. I wanted to do Chiaroscuro every other month but it's been a long time since ANYTHING has happened with PSoG/ARK's really about time.