Plans & Projects - November 2017
It's November 1st! Halloween has come and gone, the temperatures are finally starting to drop here in north-central Florida, and, for some people, NaNoWriMo is underway.

I've got a few projects going right now, and after seeing Ana Mardoll's November newsletter, I got the idea to go ahead and lay everything out here, for my patrons and those who may be interested in becoming patrons.

So here's what's in store for the upcoming month!


I've been working quite a bit on my Skyrim fanfiction, Triumvirate. It's a fun way to keep in practice even when I'm feeling a bit stuck with my original content. I just put chapter seventeen, "Siblings in Exile," up on AO3 today. I've gotten enough done that I'm looking at being able to put up a new chapter every Wednesday. You can follow that, totally free, at this link.

Blog Posts

I'm trying to keep my blog, which you can find at this link, updated at least once a week. Most recently I posted my annual NaNoWriMo advice post, and coming up next week I'm planning to talk about some of my favorite fictional villains.

Patron-Exclusive Content

Every Friday, for Patrons only, I'll be posting excerpts of my current works-in-progress, Courting Disaster and Salvage Rights. 

Courting Disaster is undergoing its first round of revisions right now, so even if you've already been following it, there should be some new treats and behind-the-scenes notes. 

Salvage Rights' first chapter, "Rolling Home," is free to read on my Medium page, but it's been on hiatus for a little while as I've been figuring out where to take it. It's my NaNoWriMo project this year, and I'll be posting bits and pieces as I try to finally finish it by the end of the month.

Aside from Courting Disaster and Salvage Rights, I'm also working on a patron-only short story. As of right now it's still untitled, but its about an aro/ace nonbinary character named Sparrow, who's recently become a vampire. They become roommates with a pair of eccentric older vampires--Guillermo and Douglass--who are both older than dirt, fascinated by new technology, and are eager to show Sparrow the ropes. I'm hoping to have that posted mid-November, so stay tuned!

Social Media

I'm working on more projects at once than I usually do, so my plate's a bit full. To keep up with me, be sure to follow my Twitter, @JennBasel. You can also keep up with me on my writing Tumblr, my main Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.


That's it for now! I've got some more writing to do today, so I'll catch you all--patrons and non-patrons--next time!