Platinum Patron Monthly Giveaways
A fun new bennie for Platinum Patrons.

A randomly rolled winner will get a 7 piece dice set from (aff.). They'll be in a container from my collection of dice bags and containers.

I'll also be throwing in a couple items from my magic box of GMing goodies I've rescued from a recent RPG downsize. I've got cool dice, books, maps, and other neat stuff I've collected over the years that's just been gathering dust.

But dust begone! Each month I'll roll a random winner from the Platinum Patrons group and ship the lucky GM the dice, the dice container, and a couple goodies from my magic GM box.

Good luck in the monthly draws. And thanks so much for your Patronage and for supporting the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter. Your support helps keep the newsletter going and free to all game masters worldwide. And thanks to (aff.) for supplying dice for the giveaways.