Player Actions - Part II
Finally here's part 2 of the player actions! (I'm sorry it took so long!)

In their turn, a player is allowed to move each of his wolves around by 2 tiles and let them do one of the following actions: 

hunt - GATHER - fight - howl


The value you need to reach with your dice in order to gather successfully is determined by adding together the values of the current season and the tile your wolf stands on.

For example:

gathering in Summer (0) in the forest (2) -> throw at least a 2 to succeed

gathering in Winter (2) in the mountains (3) -> throw at least a 5 to succeed

If you succeed you are allowed to take one marker from a small gathering bag without looking.

This marker is then placed in the inventory of your wolf (or the map tile they stand on, if their inventory is full). If you find something you do not need you could also choose to put the marker back in the bag.

(For example if you know another player needs the item, but you don't want them to easily obtain it. On the other hand, if you know someone else needs it and you want to help out, just place the marker openly on the map for them to collect.)

The pictures are examples of what you might find when gathering: 

Some items like wood or stone are used for building a camp, some are a source of food, like a carcass or, well, food.  The prey tracks are placed on the tile they were found on and will make the next hunt on that tile easier. The poisonous mushroom might be needed in a quest that requires you to brew a potion of some sort.