Player Starting Point
Hello again! 

Today we will tell about first starting minutes of the gameplay and class system

Every new player has a squad with a three human-recruit class units. All of them are 1 level characters.
Tutorial pop up button appears and after completing it, two human-recruits will gain 3 level and last one will be promoted to 5 level and can choose one of the 5 archetypes.
Player can refuse to walkthrough tutorial and level raise will be made automatically to this three characters.
Also player can enter in tutorial mode via special button in game settings, but if he already skipped tutorial, he doesn`t get any extra experience for characters. 

Class changing mechanic is a next thing to deal. Player can`t choose class manually only archetype.
For example when your mage archetype unit reaches 10 level he can change its class further. One of three possible classes will appear on the screen and after player push “transform” button, their unit change its class to one of those three randomly. Next class change option will be suggested at 15 level and 20 level and player will get one of two possible classes.
There is an important note about class system – player can`t get second same class unit in their squad or even barracks. So it can help player to make influence when going to get certain class. 

We will tell about it in a class guide post soon.