These are my secondary stories--ones that are only under development and that I don't intend to update often, unless I receive a lot of feedback. They are here only for your amusement. Please do not read this stories until you have read my main stories!

Anshu's Eyes -  Anshu was good at reading people. It was how he made his living--telling  fortunes. But then he met Caleb, a mysterious drifter who he couldn't  read. Soon it was clear there was more to Caleb than what met the eye. 

Saving Arian  -  Arian Li was third in the line to the throne of Aberdoth Moshù, in the land of Kù Renwù. A Protector, named Liajùn Grey, was sent to escort him to a safe location. Their journey is full of strange and mystical encounters through Wolf Forest, past the giant ravens and Redworm, a giant snake, through a labyrinth, past the truth stones and a lake of fire, and many other obstacles and challenges as they travel to Welleryn, where they hope to be safe.   

The Crimson Scythe - Arimen escapes the destruction of the Ah’Losiniyewmen of Willow Lake by none other than the notorious Kardan, also known as The Crimson Scythe. He makes a long journey to some distant kinsmen to tell them the news, where he is accepted warmly by a hunting party north of the village. But while he lingers behind with the Healer who cares for his feet, they are captured by Kardan himself.

Caspian's Way -  Young, good-looking Caspian is offered as a "peace offering" to the  blood-thirsty King Saxon of Un by his brothers in the kingdom of  Sungania in hopes of stopping an invasion of their land. But will he  submit to what Saxon has in mind for him? 

Elijah's Heart  - After having his heart broken, Elijah meets a witch named Kaiden in a bookstore, where he is searcing for revenge spells. Kaiden disuades him against using black magic, and the two of them hit it off.

The Wind Speaks -  Wiana has a premonition, but her tribe doesn't listen to her. Find out what happens when her premonition comes true. 

The Hex Lords of New Orleans -  Antinous, a witch, goes to live with his aunt Rosemary (also a witch) in  New Orleans. There he discovers a network of underground magic shops  run by the Hex Lords, and meets Hadrian. The two of them hit it off, and  Antinous is introduced to the secret practices of the Hex Lords of New  Orleans. 

Josiah -  Josiah is a beautiful young man--except for one physical deformity: he's  missing his lower arm. When he goes to live with his uncle, he mistakes  the man's physical attraction for him for repulsion. Lord Arweth, on  the other hand, struggles with his growing infatuation for his young  nephew. 

Michael -  Earth, 2182. The archangel Michael has an assignment on the planet with a  young man who has been chosen to be a guardian of the Book. A chaotic  futuristic tale in a Muslim-dominated world. WARNING: If you are Muslim,  you may wish to skip this story so as not to be offended by the  content. 

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