Playtest GMs Wanted!
Beginning June 1, 2018 we will launch the encounter playtest modules for The Grim and the Wicked campaign. I will be working with a number of people for some website integration so you and your players can have a secured location to log in and comment on the packets. Here's how the process will work:
  • the playtest GM and every player at their table MUST sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (you won't be added to the list without it)
  • you may run multiple playtest tables if you wish, as long as each person has a signed NDA on file with GeoQuester Gaming (a confirmation email will be sent to all playtest GMs with a list of players who have a signed form on file)
  • all playtesters will provide GeoQuester Gaming with their real names, Twitch IDs, Discord IDs, and email addresses
  • under no circumstances will streaming or video recording of the playtest be allowed without the written permission of GeoQuester Gaming
  • roughly twice per month either an updated FG module or PDF will be made available to the playtest GMs (via Dropbox, GM's choice of which format they receive)
  • character sheets will be provided to the GMs for the players to choose from
  • the playtest is to judge difficulty, mechanics, and clarity of encounter mechanics
  • after the encounters have been run, the players and GM will have a link to fill out a survey form to describe their experience and to rate the encounters
  • "encounters" are mostly puzzles, traps, combat, or unusual locations
  • please note, not all encounters from the module will be present, nor will the story, and the encounters need not be played in order
  • encounter playtesting will run from June 1, 2018 to Sept 30, 2018.
  • playtest GMs will receive a "virtual boxed set" which will include color maps for printing, color token sheets, a color PDF copy of the campaign, and a Fantasy Grounds copy of the campaign (MSRV $100)
  • all playtesters (GMs and players) will have their names added to the credits section of the campaign
  • in addition, GMs and players will also receive 250 Stream XP per encounter survey filled out

If you would like to take part in this playtest event, please email your interest to [email protected] with the subject line "Grim GM Playtest".

Thank you,

Jeff & Susie

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