Please die - Update, and another warning
Whoa. I thought as soon as the bunch from Brighton had left, hey, Ive got the day off, the (patreon)month is almost over, let´s write a song! Sat down at the piano, and when I came to two hours later I had written a bitter deep song about giving the victims of child abuse a voice to scream. (I´m lucky my neighbours didn´t call the police I guess).

It´s a plain and simple song, and I thought alright let´s record this and throw it to my patrons, with a trigger warning which i already started in the last post. 

Went to the studio with Christoph, started recording, and it was totally clear what each of us had to play, Christoph did an amazing drum part (this guy!!! He just sits down there after not playing for months, and just does it! I´m jealous! I do have to practice) and I started mixing. At the same time the video images came into my mind. and that´s when the nightmare started. 

This song is making me physically ill. While recording, I suffered everything from almost fainting to being sick. I can´t sleep, I am itching all over, even my voice fails occasionally. It´s as if my body doesn´t want to record that song. I´ll still do it of course, I have to, only it will take a few more days and you´ll only get it in December now. 

Sorry. Not sorry. It takes as long as it takes.

And though this is an unpleasant experience, haunts me day and night, and the topic makes me very sad overall, I am, in a perverse way, super proud and happy that, obviously, at least for ME I nailed exactly what I wanted to say.

It´s entirely possible that the song is utter crap, and nobody else but me is touched by it. Well, you´´ll see in a few days.

I wouldn´t even have started to write this song without you. 

Thank you for making me a better artist.

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