Patreon is NOT an 18+ platform, patreon is NOT pornographic, my content on patreon will reflect please do NOT pledge if you are expecting this or expecting content that is like my other platforms. Patreon is merely for people who want to support me even further, the majority of finished products will be released publicly further in time. This is merely for people who like cosplay, me in cosplay, and like seeing the process of it from nothing to something. Do not expect full pornographic photosets as this is NOT what this platform is for. If you are expecting sets similar that I previously offered / made for patreon you will NOT get them as I am NOT offering content like that. HD photos are that, a bundle of HD photos that are high res and nice, 5-10 of them. This will NOT be a stressful platform for me, it is for showing character content that I will be using elsewhere. If you'd like to see things first before others, get a few extra things when I can give them, even mailed products, and behind the scenes of anything I can give, or how I make / build things patreon is for you.