Happy May everyone! I am planning to do a brief video covering this information, but I thought I'd share it here with you first.

So. Without waxing too long-winded about this, I'm sure you're all VERY aware of the ad-pocalypse happening on YouTube. It's affecting tons of amazing creators in terrifying ways.

I don't rely on my ad revenue to live, but it has been a HUGE help on multiple fronts. It's helped me pay down my graduate loans more aggressively. (Still a few years to go, but still. Progress!)  It has also really helped in emergencies. I was able to cover a surprisingly high veterinary bill for my dog a few months ago, some car work, etc. What's more, it's allowed me more time to write. I consider YouTube my second job--a fun, rewarding, relaxing job that has allowed me to reach out and help others--and I can put content together for you on my own schedule. It's even given me the latitude to actually make a serious go of independent publishing.

And I love the idea of creativity on the ASMR front engendering even MORE creativity on the writing front.

That said, my ad revenue has, like everyone else's, tanked. It's kind of scary.

Thus far, my Patreon income has only gone to purely ASMR-related things: the 3Dio, the lighting, etc. I am hoping, though, to continue making the channel bigger and better and to bring more content to you. That can only be done with a semi-reliable income stream, which is a tough thing to come by now.

So here is my proposition to restructure Patreon. I want to make it less of a burden for you lovely folks to donate, and actually give you content and rewards you want. Here are my ideas:

  • $1-5 Reward - Chose your monthly contribution, from $1-$5. Access to one Patreon exclusive video every week, regardless of dollar amount pledged in that bracket.
  • $20 Reward - Access to the weekly exclusives. I will also write you a flash-fiction piece between 100-200 words each month.
  • $100 Reward - One custom video per month, plus access to weekly videos and a flash-fiction piece. (You do not have to commit to multiple months at this level.)

What do you think? I'd like to try it for at least a month or two. Suggestions welcome. 

Much love and infinite gratitude,