Hello, my awesome Patrons! Here is an explanation of how tier rewards are distributed:

Early Access, WIPS, and Step-by-Steps: Early access, WIPs, and step-by-steps will be posted on my Patreon feed, as Patron-only posts locked to the applicable tiers.

Monthly Patreon Illustration Suggestions: A Patron-only post for Patrons in the applicable suggestion tiers will be made in the 1st week of the month. You will have 4 days to comment with your suggestions.

Monthly Patreon Illustration Voting: A Patron-only poll post for Patrons in the applicable tiers will be created to vote on the illustration based on the most popular/frequent/favorite suggestions. You will have 3 days to vote in the poll.

Coupons: Etsy coupon codes will be send via Patron message after payments have processed for the month.

Discord: Please connect your Discord account with your Patreon account to receive your Discord access. If you are unsure how to do this, here is an article on how to do so from the Patreon Help Center.

High-Resolution Files, Line Art, and Videos: High-resolution files, line art, and videos will be sent via DropBox link. You do not need a DropBox account to download the content.

Stickers, Buttons/Charms, and Prints: These will be sent physically in the mail after payments have processed for the month. For those receiving a print, you will receive a print of a Monthly Patreon Illustration that was done prior to the current month. (For example, after you payment processes at the beginning of December, your print will be of the illustration from November or earlier.) If high demand occurs to receive the current month's print, this may change in the future for $25 (Wizard) Patrons.

Requests: Wizard tier. Please send your requests via Discord in the Wizard Requests channels. They will be posts in Discord, on Patreon, and on my social media.

I hope this explanation helps! Please let me know if anything seems unclear, or if you have any other suggestions!

How rewards are distributed may change as various circumstances arise/as needed.

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