Please read, very important changes!!
Hello everyone! I'm making some changes to the Patron page so that it's more affordable with better (and more easily managable rewards) for everyone. 

As of right now we have a;

1$ tier, 5$ tier, 15$ tier, 30$ tier, 60$ tier

My plan is to have;

1$ tier, 5$tier, 10$ tier and a ONE TIME purchase 100$ mega tier (that includes the 30+60$ tier - read below for more info on this)

We've found over the course of these few months that the 30$ tier is barely enough to cover costs of the shirts/shipping and initially we were just going to raise the price of that tier but we didn't want to make it hard for people as it's quite a bit of money. Then there's the problem of the 60$ tier where many of those who've purchased it haven't replied with a game for me to play or anything to shout out. Not to mention it's a recurring Tier and 60$ per month is huge. 

So here's the plan!!

We want to make the largest tier a one time purchase as to not overcharge anyone pledging per month. This way you get both the Minion plushie, shirt, shoutout, game for me to play, the newsletter, the early access to vlogs, a new personalized unlisted video message and a few more things. As it stands right now MaryKayGirl63 devotes her time to hand crafting the Minion plushies so each Plushie is a one time deal for Patrons. Hence the reason why I wanted to combine both tiers and make it a ONE TIME pledge. Afterwards you would revert to the much more affordable tiers (1, 5 or 10$)

That's not the only changes though. Originally the 15$ tier had the newsletter/early access to vlogs. The problem is only a few people read the newsletters and I wanted to make more pages but couldn't realistically pull it off with just a few people viewing it. So the plan is to put the newsletter/early access to vlogs into the 5$ tier. 

The 10$ tier would be a minor upgrade (if you wanted to pledge more) but it has a new feature. The idea is to have anyone in this tier ask me any question they want. Then I will make an unlisted personalized video just for them answering their questions.

The new tier options may look this way;

1$ tier 

- Patron only comments

5$ tier

- Access to Patron Only Comments

- Access to Discord Server

- Day early access to all vlogs

- Name in credits of all Vlogs

- Monthly Newsletter

10$ tier

- All previous tier rewards

- Personalized unlisted video where I answer any few questions you have


Note: It's recommended you pick this tier once. Once you recieve your major rewards you should revert to a smaller reward tier. (As of now, Plushies are one time. The charge covers cost of material/labor/shipping)

All previous tier rewards

Pick any "one off" game for me to play (day early access to video)

Personal mention/shout out at start of video


Any questions, concerns or suggestios please leave below :)