PLEASE READ πŸ—³ Vote On Our Next LP!
Hello, lovely patrons~ 😊

It's time for another lottery! This time around you (and only you, our awesome patrons) are going to help us decide on what game to Let's Play next!

Please watch the video above, we talk in great detail about the three options we are putting forward!

If this is your first lottery, remember that the next step is for you to check your messages here on Patreon. You should've also gotten an email notifying you of the message we just sent you. All you have to do is reply to that message following the instructions on it. It's super simple, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

The deadline is a week from today, on the 17th of June.

Thank you so much for your support! We are a pretty small channel and we are humbled by all of your support. Seriously we are so grateful for you guys. So, consider this lottery a small token of our appreciation! There's more stuff coming soon, but for nowβ€” YOU get to decide what our next LP is going to be~ β™‘

Max & Kitty