Please Remember
This weekend I hand painted video game. 

Presenting Please Remember by team Ranch BLT for Bacon Game Jam 9, formerly known as the Reddit Game Jam. The theme was announced Friday night, the game was due Sunday night. We had 48 hours to make a game around the concept of "depth."

We made a game in 48 hours, a beautiful and surprisingly fun video game!

The controls are simple. Collect bubbles, bounce on marine life, and avoid hostile fish as you sink in the endless ocean.

I painted all of the sprites in watercolor, scanned, and then digitally isolated them. Given more than two days I would have enjoyed adding many more fish, but time flies. The background is a simple watercolor wash with color spatters, salt, and drips to give that watery feel.

Please download and play. We worked very hard. You can get the game here.

I am so proud of us. I love my team.

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