Please... Talk About "Fight Club 2 #2"
FIGHT CLUB 2 #2 DARK HORSE COMICS – @DarkHorseComics WRITER: Chuck Palahniuk ART: Cameron Stewart COLORS: Dave Stewart LETTERS: Nate Piekos of Blambot COVER: David Mack VARIANT COVERS: Francesco Francavilla EDITOR: Scott Allie 32pp, Color, $3.99 U.S. (June 2015) The Tranquility Gambit #: “The fire inspector said...” Author Chuck Palahniuk has written the sequel to his 1996 novel, Fight Club, as a comic book. Published by Dark Horse Comics, Fight Club 2 is written by Chuck Palahniuk, drawn by Cameron Stewart, colored by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Nate Piekos, with cover art by David Mack. In Fight Club 2, the unnamed protagonist of Fight Club now calls himself “Sebastian.” A decade ago, he had an army of men ready to take down the modern world. Now, an assortment of pills and medications have taken him down. Sebastian is married to Marla Singer, his former co-revolutionary, and they have a son, “Junior.” All is boring, but an old friend, Tyler Durden, is back. Fight Club 2 #2 (“The fire inspector said...”) opens in the aftermath of the destruction of Sebastian and Marla's suburban home. In theory, they are grieving parents, as their son was killed in the fire. As one would expect, more-to-the-story isn't just a catch phrase. Someone adjusted someone's medicine so she could screw someone special, and an old army demands an audience with its leader. I really hoped that Fight Club 2 would be an exceptional comic book, and it is – dare I call it great? It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chuck Palahniuk was born to write comic books, which he proves with this bracing and invigorating story. Of course, he is blessed with a talented co-author in artist Cameron Stewart. Stewart tells the story with subtly and with a sense of mystery. Graphically and visually, Stewart delivers the story with a matter-of-fact quality that makes Fight Club 2 seem genuine and not contrived, but without loosing the surreal qualities of Palahniuk's world. Once again, David Mack lets loose a stellar cover painting. Yes, there is an element of menace in these covers, but much is left to interpretation because we control our destiny because we don't control our destiny... and Tyler is watching. I don't know why people aren't making a huge freaking deal about this comic book instead of worrying about what Marvel Comics or DC Comics are going to do to or with their precious faux universes. A The text is copyright © 2015 Leroy Douresseaux. All Rights Reserved. Contact this blog for syndication rights and fees.