Pledge $20, Get Darkest Dungeon (LIMITED QUANTITY)
If you've read Ookpixels this month, you've no doubt had a chance to digest our magnum opus on Darkest Dungeon, a roguelike dungeon crawler with a Lovecraftian vibe and a deeply psychological twist.

As a way to show their support for Ookpixels, Vancouver's Red Hook Studios has graciously donated 25 Steam keys to give our Patreon backers early access to Darkest Dungeon as this month's Game Club selection. 

Have you already pledged at the $20 level or higher? Excellent! One of those keys is for you. If not, upping your pledge (or making your first) before the end of August will score you a Steam key in the first week of September.

You'll want to act quick, though. We only have 25 keys to go around. If you're a new pledge this month but the 26th at $20 or more, you'll still be getting a great Canadian game -- but Darkest Dungeon is a thank you for our 25 earliest Game Club level supporters.

By pledging at the $20 level, not only will you be playing something spectacular, but you'll be helping pay the bills at a site you know and love (and if you don't, it's time to fix that!)

Stay Canadian, keep playing, and brace yourself for Darkest Dungeon.

- Jim & Eli