The Pledge:

From now until the end of February 50% of all profit made on

the sale of any of my photos at will be donated to a Cancer


This year too many deaths by cancer have shocked the world. Too many

loved ones are suffering and trying all they can to live. Cancer has affected

so many people including those I care about. Healthy or Ill. We need to fight.

I’m starting that fight right now. I don’t want anyone else to see a loved one suffer

from a cancer diagnosis, the long battle with the disease, and the loss of life

at the end. Please help this fight as well. I am pledging that from today,

until the end of February that 50% of everything I make on photo sales will be

donated to fighting cancer/cancer research. If you don’t need a photo for yourself, think about buying one and donating it to your local hospitals cancer wing.

I also have this Patreon account that you can join for as low as $1 dollar a month.

I will donate 50% of all profits made here from now until the end of

February. This is the action I am able to take at the moment. Even if you don’t

go through my photography, I hope you too will help fight cancer in any way you


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Paetreon supporters will be notified first of new photos coming to my site and online store. I will also share Work In Progress (WIP) photos that I normally only share with personal friends.
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Paetreon supporters will have access to all lower levels as well as: Behind the Shoot Videos and/or Cell phone shots. There are many times I'm in a beautiful location but there is something blocking a professional photograph. Whether it's other people, industrial equipment, fences, power-lines, or inclement weather too hazardous to my camera gear. I still tend to take a cell phone shot or video reminding me it's a location I should revisit. If this is something you want to see, I'll share it. . Do you want to see what I'm looking at, where I'm standing, and what the experience is like in motion? Here is your chance!
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