Hi everyone! With our newest Premium Video Pass method about to drop, I have some other very exciting news. The following service will be added to certain pledges:

Manatee Skill Mastery : Functioning similiar to Flip Mastery, all Patrons will receive up to date and frequent guides on how to do skills in the fastest and most efficient ways. With focuses on how to earn the most cash from a skill and how to train a skill the most efficient way, it will ensure your road to Max Cape or 200m in all skills is the best it can be. The guides will come in the forms of both messaging system and videos. 

Effected Pledges:

Facebook Video Chat Session ( will also be renamed)

Premium Manatee Bundle

Manatee Master Pass

***Keep in mind, no pledges will see a donation price increase. This is intended to add more value to your existing pledges! A huge thanks to you for your continuing support and making this channel possible!

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Flip Mastery
$15 or more per month
Unlock access to the Flip-Stream! A constantly updating massive list of items for RS3 with their buy and sell prices to flip and earn easy millions! Videos show you in depth how to flip effectively. The only problem you will have here is where to stick that new stack of cash....

-Flip Stream Access (In our Discord)

-Flip Discussion Access (In our Discord)

-Flip Mastery Videos

Includes Discord rewards
OSRS/07Scape Flipping + Money Methods
$20 or more per month
Are you ready to earn huge amounts of gp? Flipping & Money Making Methods for OSRS all packed into 1 package! A whole new discussion channel and flipping section unlocked in the Discord. Exact buys and sells for items. We have trusted swaps available in the Discord if you need to transfer!

-OSRS Methods 

-OSRS Flipping (Huge Profits!)

-1on1 Assistance 

Includes Discord rewards
Money Making Guides & Investing Mastery
$30 or more per month
Unlock Money Making Methods & Investing Mastery! Get the best methods when they still work and make millions or even billions before the rest of the players! Unlock methods earning 10m/hr+ RIGHT NOW! Instant access is gained when you sign up! Master forum flipping and crush the profits on DXP and even after DXP. If you want to earn money without even playing, this is where you want to be.  

-Money Making Discord Access

-Early Access To Most Youtube Money Making Methods

-Access to Patreon only Money Making Videos Master List

-Investing Mastery Investing Content

-DXP Investing Content

-Forum Flipping Guides

-Master reading graphs


Includes Discord rewards
Billionaire Flipping Club
$60 or more per month
Flip highly profitable items with Manatee Gaming himself. Nox, Nex, 3rd Age, T92's/T90's, Dyes, Rares, and more. Exact prices for Buy + Sell. Not good enough? Want that Partyhat? This is how you get it. 5+ Previous members and rising have earned a partyhat. Ask me how you can earn over 1B Gold per month using this!

-Billionaire Flipping Club Access

-Flip Big Profit Items For Big Gains

Includes Discord rewards
Master Pass
$100 or more per month
The pass of passes. For those that want it all, plus more. Your generous donation means a lot. This pass includes everything in previous tiers plus early access to Money Making Methods, Flipping, and Youtube Content. You will also receive access to the new Master Lounge Chat.  You will receive everything and anything we can throw at you including being able to test Money Making Methods before they are even released! That means you can use them with zero competition.  

-Early Access to Money Making Methods (even Patron only methods)

-Behind the scenes helping Manatee Gaming test upcoming Money Making Methods

-Early Access to certain new videos before they go on Youtube (including entire series,  in some cases)

-Help in shaping Patreon/Youtube Channel and how it moves forward. 

Includes Discord rewards
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