Hi everyone! With our newest Premium Video Pass method about to drop, I have some other very exciting news. The following service will be added to certain pledges:

Manatee Skill Mastery : Functioning similiar to Flip Mastery, all Patrons will receive up to date and frequent guides on how to do skills in the fastest and most efficient ways. With focuses on how to earn the most cash from a skill and how to train a skill the most efficient way, it will ensure your road to Max Cape or 200m in all skills is the best it can be. The guides will come in the forms of both messaging system and videos. 

Effected Pledges:

Facebook Video Chat Session ( will also be renamed)

Premium Manatee Bundle

Manatee Master Pass

***Keep in mind, no pledges will see a donation price increase. This is intended to add more value to your existing pledges! A huge thanks to you for your continuing support and making this channel possible!