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Pledge For Pledge and the "Merits of Psychiatry"
I've been exploring doing "pledge for pledge" on patreon with artists I resonate with. I read about it through a couple of other artists blogs and thought I would give it a try by asking a handful of people (to start) whether they'd like to pledge for pledge.

Almost right away, I got this message back from one person:

"Hey Chaya thanks for commenting on my feed. I think we can agree to disagree on the merits of psychiatry and thus I don't feel 100% comfortable pledging. Have a great day."

I felt sad when I read this. I also felt a bit embarrassed and asked myself if I'm "failing" at the way I'm coming across. 

Of course I needed to take a deep breath and remember that what I say is controversial, and it does push up against the status quo, and that's why it's so powerful to so many people. Any push back, even a simple, "let's agree to disagree on the merits of psychiatry" makes me sad, because it reminds me of how many people fall for psychiatry hook, line and sinker.

Millions, if not billions, if not trillions.

So I'm hoping to get some more support from the psychiatric survivor community on patreon. It's important that we go out into all kinds of spaces for artists and activists.

Big shout out to the those who are already supporting me so generously including: Camela Hicks, John Herold and Lyle Murphy (of Alternative to Meds Center). Thank you!!!!!

One reason to try pledge for pledge on patreon has been to spread the message of what I am doing to artists and creators who wouldn't see it otherwise.

I also want to encourage any psychiatric survivors who join to do pledge for pledge with me here, so we can support one another.

Blessings! And don't give up. Any resistance to your art or message is a sign you are moving towards authenticity and away from conformity, the true test of breaking free.