Pledge house keeping notes - Please read!
Hey all, I realize the last two months where I've done four cards has been a surprise to some and there's been a lot of rearranging on the pledges -- and that's totally fine! Everyone is on a budget - I totally understand!  :)

To help with this, I just added a blurb to the main page so new folks know more clearly what to expect, and for current pledgers, I have A VERY IMPORTANT FAVOR to ask!  

if you need to change your pledge level from a limited reward, PLEASE email me first. 

By 'change' I mean actually move to a different level, not just cap your monthly pledge. 

Patreon is still new and they don't have a method in place to deal with limited rewards. (I've asked!)  When people have left the Tarot of the Dead deck level, the site looks like a deck has become available (it hasn't, they are shipped and GONE).  By emailing me, I have a heads up to edit the reward and save future patrons any confusion! :)

Thank you all so much for making this deck move forward!!!!