Pledge matching by Discord member @Hornwitser

Hello FactorioMMO community!

Today I bring some interesting news - our Discord user @Hornwitser likes our community and what we are doing so much, that he has expressed his desire to match the sum of new Patreon contributions starting from today and till 31st March. Meaning that if we get 5$ new pledges - he will make a 5$ pledge. If we get 20$ new pledges - he will make a 20$ pledge. Currently pledge sum is at 10$ and is the starting point for the counter.

Here is what he had to say to you:

"It's a great community, and I've had plenty of fun playing on the events. And I want that to keep going."

We appreciate all the support you give us - big thanks to everyone who pledges or/and comes to play at the events.

And of course: Hype Train for 0.15!