Pledge Per Creation
So I've decided to change my patreon set up to charge per creation, meaning that you, my wonderful patrons, will only get charged if I make a post that I mark as a creation that you're pledging toward (This post, obviously, is not a paid post.)

A lot of my work is invisible right now -- Meaning a lot of it is planning. Ideas. Intangible things. I'm getting back to a phase where I can actively create, but even that will be a while before tangible results start to appear, and I constantly feel awful that I don't have work I can show to those of you supporting me every month.

This feels more fair to me. When I have work to show, then I can accept pledges for it, but if I've got nothing to show then I don't want you to feel like you're pledging to nothing. 

Thank you all for your continued support. I still want to create something amazing and because if you all, I'm able to create anything at all.

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