Pledge Rewards are coming soon!
We've got rewards coming soon for all of you! A couple of notes on the rewards: - I just got back from printing the photos for those who pledged at the $25 level. The prints look great and I'm excited to get those out to you. Just a quick note: I've bumped up the size of the prints from 8x10 to 8x12. It's a small bump, but it allowed me to print the entire photo without having to crop to fit the 8x10 size. The prints are vivd and gorgeous on the Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper -- I hope you all enjoy them! - Magnets and pins are en route and should arrive tomorrow! Stickers are still at the printers and will hopefully arrive soon. I'll post some preview pictures of the swag here when it arrives. I'm excited to see all of the swag and get it packaged up and sent off to all of you! Thank you for all your support -- it really means a lot. -Andy Dateline Disneyland