Pledge updates

In the past weeks there was some confusion about my pledges, and I was not 100% satisfied with them as well. 

It was really difficult to set everything up from the beginning. But as things move on, I gain more experience, and know I need to change some things :)  

I decided to remove the pledge 'Peregrine' (the one for exclusive print), and add this option to 'Kepler' pledge. From now on, if you want to get an exclusive print, you can choose 'Kepler' pledge. Those of you who are already using this pledge, can choose from any (exclusive and non-exclusive) prints starting from this month! 

We're putting so much work into these new sets to make them something special, I want to make it more affordable and possible for everyone to get a print (and to see all the details! :) ) 

As always, you will see all new works before everyone else sees it (and in better quality of course!) 

I really appreciate your support, and want to be sure everyone is happy! I'm open to suggestions as well! :)