The Plotline to All Xuanhuan Novels
Translated by StarveCleric
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Xuanhuan is nothing more than a glamorous cloak. If one were to strip away this outer layer, this is probably all there is to it.


The education system is split into several realms, namely Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. Every realm can be subdivided into 3-5 tiers, and an unbreachable gap stood between each realm. However, such a gauging standard couldn't be applied to Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming had never shown any particular talent when he was younger. But once, when he was playing in the fields, he suddenly felt a ray of light striking his back, and as if a Star of Wisdom had descended upon him, he was suddenly enlightened!

Xiao Ming was sent to the town's most prestigious kindergarten known as the "Heaven's Path Mathematics Hall" to study. No one could have imagined that the countryside bumpkin who had never gone through a single lesson in his life would actually score an astonishing 250 in his IQ test! Everyone couldn't help but recall that prophecy from a hundred years ago.

Xiao Hu should have been the most talented student in this kindergarten, but he swiftly found his position being stolen by Xiao Ming. Even Xiao Mei whom he fancied seemed to be interested in Xiao Ming as well. Thus, he challenged Xiao Ming to a "Death Math".

Xiao Ming might be talented, but he had barely started learning Math for ten days. How could he possibly compete up to Xiao Hu, who had been learning Math even when he was just a fetus inside his mother's womb? No one thought that Xiao Ming could win, and even Xiao Mei had persuaded Xiao Ming to give up.

However, the ever courageous Xiao Ming decisively accepted Xiao Hu's challenge! If he were to back down now, his "Pursuit for Knowledge" would be impeded. Touched by Xiao Ming's spirit, the security guard Old Master Wang secretly gave him a bronze-rank Math Cards and secretly taught him in the night.

In that Death Math, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hu turned out to be equally matched, shocking everyone. Forced to a corner, Xiao Hu took out his family heirloom, "Counting Rods"! Just when everyone thought that Xiao Ming would definitely lose, Xiao Ming actually managed to comprehend the true essence of Math and learned the "Hand-Leg Complementary Counting Art", thus making the breakthrough to "Kindergarten Grade 2" realm. With his newfound strength, he easily defeated the "Kindergarten Grade 1" realm Xiao Hu!

Xiao Ming's talent in Math was truly astonishing and enviable. Even in times of danger, he could easily turn the situation around!

When Xiao Ming reached Elementary School Grade 2, a secret realm, 【Math Olympiad Class】, emerged. The teachers would choose the most talented of students to participate in the session. The content taught there was extremely difficult, and if one were to let his guard down, he might just lose himself and die of stupidity! However, those who managed to persevere through would find themselves progressing immensely in their studies. Entering the depths of the secret realm, Xiao Ming managed to overcome numerous dangers, and when he finally came out, his Mathematics mastery had already reached the level of an Elementary School Grade 6. Even against a Middle School Grade 1, he would still be able to hold his ground!

Eventually, through his diligence and perseverance, Xiao Ming reached Middle School.

One day, while he was strolling through the library, he found a small notebook that was being used to prop up the legs of a table. Flipping it open, he realized that it was a Mathematics notebook! He couldn't tell whose notebook it was, but on the cover, he could vaguely discern the words "Hua... geng". As Xiao Ming flipped to the first page, the clouds flurried and a powerful gale blew. Xiao Ming's entirety was immediately absorbed into the content of the book. Three entire days he went without sleeping, just so to assimilate the knowledge in the depths of his mind. His academic ability surged all the way from Middle School pinnacle, nearly breaking through to High School.

Once, when Xiao Ming was attending a 【20 Days Seclusion Training Camp】, he found an equation being written on a toilet wall. That equation had been written there for a very long time. It was impossible to tell what kind of paint was used, but even the janitors were unable to clean it away. But despite the long years behind it, no one had been able to comprehend the true meaning behind this equation. Upon seeing this very equation, Xiao Ming suddenly fell into a state of deep thought. When the 20 Days Seclusion Training Camp was over and Xiao Ming failed to emerge, Xiao Ming's enemies thought that he had died and attempted to harm his kin and friends. However, after 81 days of rumination, Xiao Ming suddenly appeared once more. Using his newly acquired 【Three Variable Quadratic Equation Deciphering Technique】, he destroyed his enemies and exacted vengeance.

Xiao Ming thought that High School was the limit of one's academic ability, but who knew that one day, when the clouds flurried and a heavy gale blew, a mystical artifact suddenly descended to the world. Countless experts fought to gain possession of it, but by some stroke of luck, it ended up in Xiao Ming's hands. Taking a look——《Five Years of Gao Kao, Three Years of Prelims》. Only then did he realize the existence of College realm in this world. However, to reach that realm, one would have to undergo the tribulations of the world. To an ordinary mortal, the tribulation was only be limited to Mathematics. However, for an astounding genius like Xiao Ming, he had to undergo the Nine Tribulations of Language, Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Politics. In order to reach higher grounds, Xiao Ming decided to cultivate for the other tribulations, but he wasn't able to find a way in.

One day, the security guard Old Master Wang suddenly descended from the heaven and nonchalantly taught Xiao Ming a couple of foreign words. Astonishingly, Xiao Ming was actually able to swiftly learn them. Stunned by Xiao Ming's incredible talent, he decided to accept Xiao Ming as his disciple, so he asked, "Are you willing to learn 【Literature】 from me?" Unable to comprehend what Literature was, Xiao Ming asked what was the relationship between Literature and Language of the tribulations.

Old Master Wang said, "Hmph! How can mere Language being to compare with Literature?" It turned out that due to a huge calamity in the past, all of the content regarding Literature had been restricted, and the classics had been burned to ashes, leaving only a portion of the heritage behind for the future generations to learn. On top of that, it was installed as one of the tribulations, thus preventing any mortal from successfully ascending to higher realms. However, if one were to master Literature, what would a mere Language tribulation count as?

Old Master Wang brought Xiao Ming to the Language realm and gave him a gold-ranked artifact——LeapFrog Tag. Xiao Ming's talent and hard work allowed him to make swift progress in his studies. Phrases that would have taken others ten days to learn and memorize, he would grasp within a single night. Just like that, he became a 【Dual Cultivator of Language and Mathematics】. Sometimes, when he found himself outclassed in his language, he would throw out a Mathematics question, "Why is six afraid of seven?" Making use of their momentary lapse in concentration, Xiao Ming would defeat them.

Xiao Ming traveled across the nine worlds and performed spectacularly in each of them. Eventually, he cleared the nine tribulations of Gao Kao and successfully entered college. But there, he saw his childhood sweetheart, Xiao Mei. In truth, Xiao Mei came from an extraordinary background. Her father used to be a demonic faction College student—Demon of the Electronic Keyboard. The demonic faction was namely divided into 【Music】,【Arts】, and 【Physical Education】. Even though they were able to reach College realm, they didn't come from the orthodox 【Academic Route】, so they were looked down upon by the members of the orthodox faction. When members of the orthodox faction encountered the demonic faction, they would have to tear each other apart. Nevertheless, this didn't stop Xiao Ming from falling into deep love with Xiao Mei. For Xiao Mei, he degenerated into the demonic faction as well, and together, they learnt the arts of the demonic faction, 【Flute Blowing Technique】, 【Art of Body Tracing】, and 【World Reversal Mighty Push Up】.

Xiao Ming thought that College realm was the very peak, but how could he have known that there was still a Postgraduate realm. Unlike College realm, one could only choose a single path in Postgraduate realm. Having learned all kinds of supreme art, Xiao Ming was unable to decide which one to further pursue. Falling deep into contemplation, Xiao Ming even neglected to bathe. One day, he became so smelly that he couldn't take it anymore, so he went to the male dormitory toilet to bathe. There, he accidentally dropped his soap, so he bent down to pick it up. At that moment, everything before him suddenly cleared up. "Why can't I become as smooth and wholesome as a soap? All I have to do is to wash everything clean while merging them together!" It was that day when Xiao Ming comprehended the great law of the universe 【Philo ♂ sophy】. Shattering the void, he turned into a Star of Wisdom, in seek of another young boy.