Plots&Plans (snippet)
Snippet time! So far, Mari and Trayl fought, and partially made up. The air is still tense between the two of them. A newcomer to the party, Itchen, has latched on to the two from Ifinel. He has guided them to a mage's home, and insists this mage can help them. Corvus, while accident-prone, is quite brilliant. This is a further introduction to her life, finishing with a potential plan they all cook up to defeat their adversary: Threia.

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Plots and Plans (a snippet)

The ranger’s eyes took a moment to focus to the change in light. He expected to see the inside of the cabin to be just as plain, and neat as the outside. He was sorely mistaken.

The cabin itself had a large front seating area that was connected to what could be mistaken as a kitchen section. The size of the cabin indicated that another room should be behind that, but he didn’t see any good way to get to said room. Upon closer inspection, he did see a small alcove which could, possibly, be a doorway, but was so stuffed with piles of books, and other junk, that he was uncertain anyone could pass through it.

Netted hammocks filled with clothing, boxes, and jars of varying sizes covered the entirety of the ceiling, forcing anyone six feet or taller to duck constantly. The majority of the room was filled with cabinets or tables, topped full of trinkets.

One cabinet had stones that both sparkled with candlelight, or seemed to absorb the candle’s light and did not sparkle at all. A table near that was covered with varying sizes of parchment, and broken quills. Ink had spilled on more than one of those pieces of paper, and destroyed the obvious attempt at scroll making.

Marilithir had to step to the side in order to even get inside the cabin. Piles of books which ought to be on a relatively empty bookshelf to one side were, instead, placed haphazardly on the ground. Some were open, others were not. Several looked to have obvious magical designs within, most were novels of stories he was vaguely familiar with.

There was a single rocking chair amid the piles of books, propped up and tilted so far back that no person would be able to safely sit in it. The clothing tossed haphazardly upon it indicated that it, too, had likely not been used for its true purpose in a very long time.

“Please! Don’t touch that!” Corvus cried out at Trayl from the kitchen-type-area. The mage was picking papers off a long, rectangular wooden table that was so crooked it looked as though it had been created by amateurs. 

Trayl pulled his hand away from a small, ornate dagger - the only thing in the house which was lovingly displayed upon a mantle over the fireplace. A fireplace Mari hadn’t even noticed existed in the junk pile that was this cabin until Trayl was yelled at.

“How the hell can you li—?” Mari started to ask.

“Sorry!” Trayl interrupted. He shot a glare over to the ranger to stop the insult before it was finished. Insulting a mage was quite high on the list of things not to do in the soldier’s mind. 


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