Plugging the auction
Hey all,

I was asked by the great Stephanie McCaslin to participate in a charity auction for Jane Bell.

In Stephanie's actual words: 

"Jane is a two time kidney transplant receipent, and suffers from chronic illnesses (including Lupus and Addisons). You can read her first hand account here Jane has been waiting several months for an angioplasty and internal biopsy, neither of which can she afford without insurance.

Jane's friends have gathered together to organize a silent auction, which will be viewable for the month of August. All auctions are final as of midnight EST September 2, 2017.

Donations will be sent directly to Jane Bell to help her with her medical costs. If you win an auction, your payment is due to the donation page by midnight, EST September 4, 2017. If your payment is not processed by that time, the item will be sold to the next highest bidder. And of course, you are welcome to donate without bidding on an item at anytime during this fundraiser."

As someone who has lupus herself, I had to jump on the opportunity to help. 

I have opted to donate a matted 5x7 print of the photo you see above. 

Please, if you can, check out this auction and the many wonderful people who are participating to make a difference in Jane's life. 

Thank you very much