Plummet Chugging Along
Every day I go to my desk and ink pages. Depending on the page, some take longer than others. But it's quite delightful to ink. All the hard work of figuring out proportions and camera angles and composition is done, and now I just get to skate with my brush pen.

I actually choose Bristol Board Smooth paper, so there's no "pull" on the brush. The bad part is that sometimes the ink just "sits" on top of the paper, and isn't absorbed very quickly. Takes a long time to dry. So I actually work on several pages at once. I do some inking on one, then set it aside to dry and then start on another. Sometimes I have up to 5 going at once. Other times I'll ink all 5 and then turn off the lights and go lie down and read Star Wars novels and surf the net.

If you haven't gone there yet, feel free to visit the gallery of coloured pages right here:

It's a Facebook gallery, but most of you are on it, so I've enabled you to see it. Also it's private, as it's a work in progress, so I'd appreciate it if you kept this under your hat for the time being.

I haven't coloured any pages recently because I got into a groove with the inking. But I've got about 30 pages fairly finalized, more of less, so you should be able to get a sense of what it looks like when it's finally printed.

IF it finally gets printed.

Thanks again for helping me out and being so patient with my updates.

Very soon I'll have audio up from a weird event I did recently called MY BAD: A Sorrytelling Event, that is exclusive to you kids!