Plundergrounds Hangout #1 is "In the Can."
CONTENT STARTS AROUND 5m30s! You don't have to listen to the chatter. :) The guest for our first Patreon hangout is Sophia Brandt. She's a supporter of the Plundergrounds zine (, frequent poster in the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ community, and writer of Die Heart, an RPG blog with a focus on solo role-playing.

"Uh, Ray, did you say 'solo role-playing?'" 

Yes, that's what I said. Not one GM/one player. Literally a single person playing an RPG all on their own. 

"How is that even possible?"

Well, it's certainly different than the way you play an RPG with a group at a table, but maybe not so different from some of the things you do when preparing or testing an RPG on your own before game night and/or when you write up actual play reports. Join us and learn all about it how it works, what tools are available, and why it's an enjoyable activity. We'll also talk about the suitability of Dungeon World and Plundergrounds for solo play.