Plus Points 8: Epistles
Oh yeah, we're back. You wouldn't believe that we shot this, all of this, in January, would you? I know! But hey, the collaborative efforts of some really amazing people have gone into this, and I hope that it shows. Epistles is the penultimate episode in this series on religion and faith and theology and...mostly the Bible, really. John Skylar, who very kindly went through my scripts and went "You've spelled that wrong...that's the wrong century...hang on let me explain this concept to you and then you can alter that a bit..." called Plus Points, 'The Bible in Modern Nerd'. Which is probably the nicest thing he's ever said to me. I've linked to the most recent episode in the playlist, so if you like it you can just...start watching at the beginning. Anyway, the amazing people who have contributed to the series are Jessi Sheron (title cards), Magdalen Cochrane (ditto), Josh Lanning (additional art and animation), John Skylar (yep, I mentioned him already), Carol Witry (who also read over the scripts and said things like "Paul did XYZ, not ZXY") and last but not least, Jade Rose, who came up to my house, stayed for four days, shot for three, and helped me rewrite the scripts on the fly to make them more concise (and easier to remember). Jade also consented to dressing up like a ridiculous hippy, among other things, for which I am ever grateful. That was for episode 2. You should watch that one, it's funny. Enjoy!
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