Got the PO Box today~! :D So now, if you want to send me a letter or some fanart or something, you can! PO Box address is: Amber Campbell PO Box 39002 Harewood Mall PO Nanaimo BC V9R 7B7 I also received the postcards so I'll be writing those up and addressing them (hopefully) this weekend and mailing them out ASAP! On the continued topic of mail, I've added an affiliate link for Indie Box to the support page, so if you're interested in subscribing to Indie Box feel free to use that link to help me out. I've also added an Amazon Wishlist link (by request, I swear!) to the support page. Just a couple more options, but by no means should anyone feel obligated to utilize them! :) Sorry about the lack of streams this week, I've been procrastinating because I didn't want to pick a time to do the Wither fight and make anyone feel bad because they missed it. To make it up to you all I'll be streaming for a bunch of hours tomorrow, starting whenever my parents wake up! I'll do some single player stuff, maybe start a new series (?!), and do minigames and the wither and ender dragon fight on the server. Hopefully plenty of you can make it!

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