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Podcast #1 : Kickstarters, Conventions, Giveaways, and Patreon
Our first "podcast" please let us know what you think about the format. Please support our Patreon at KICKSTARTERS: Island Dice : Terminus Gate : 7Sins! : Exploding Kittens : DRAGON CHESS : ARCANE BATTLES RAMPAGING JOTUNN DREAMATION 2015 RAMPAGING JOTUNN SCHEDULE Rampaging Jotunn: Winter War. Return to the unnamed island with this exciting 4 player expansion to Rampaging Jotunn! This massive expansion includes complete with new land types, new land boards that expand the borders of the unnamed island. There are new armies, new rules for both 2 players and 4 players, new cards, new powers, and new components that will add to the Rampaging Jotunn Saga. Oh...did we mention the new Frost Jotunn? Friday, 2:00PM - 4:00PM Saturday, 11:00AM - 1:00PM Saturday, 4:00PM - 6:00PM TOTALCON DRAGON CHESS : ARCANE BATTLES Take control of your mystic armies and fight for victory! With three ways to win, customization of armies, and supporting up to 4 players, the replay value is beyond compare! Thursday, 5pm-7pm Thursday, 9pm-11pm Friday, 10am-12pm Friday, 7pm-9pm Saturday, 1pm-3pm Saturday, 9pm-11pm
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