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[PODCAST] #461: Speed and Politics (Part One) – Rules For Radicals

What is wrong with John Oliver? What's wrong with Donald Trump?  What's wrong the anti-Trump anti-reality protestors? What was wrong with  me the other day when I suddenly felt impelled to hatch a conspiracy  theory about Trump's election being part of a "larger plan" with no  evidence? What's wrong with an alarming number of the interactions in  School Sucks Facebook group lately?

Political thinking is often quick thinking.

Thinking quickly is an evolution-driven feature that was once  necessary for our survival. But in a vastly more complex world than the  one our species grew up in, this mode of thought is often dangerous and  destructive. Look around.

Sometimes some people, even libertarians, use mental shortcuts to  arrive at faulty conclusions, and then engage in a process of  rationalization for those conclusions. 

This series will combine observations of the left and pro-Trump right  over the last year with the valuable lessons from Daniel Kahneman's  book Thinking, Fast and Slow. The goal is utilize examples of thinking  errors to avoid making them ourselves, often without even noticing. 

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