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[PODCAST] #503: Successful Dropout – With Kylon Gienger (Part 2 of 2)

Kylon dropped out of college during his freshman year in 2009. Since  then he has founded and co-founded multiple companies in the  construction, fitness, food service, real estate, and online education  industries.  He is the creator and host of The Successful Dropout Podcast. He joins me again today to discuss his education and his entrepreneurial journey. 

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- What does "living the dream" mean when someone says it with a scowl?
- Community and accountability through Christianity
- but - oh yeah - shame and judgment through Christianity too
- the law of attraction! (made less dumb)
- Self-trust: Kylon was an unenclosed child
- Comfort zones and glamorizing "failure"
- confronting resentment towards success
- Are you the average of the five you spend the most time with?
- benefits of marriage
- who I want to spend my life with
- using a cash system for personal finance