Podcast - ASAW 13 - Felicity
The podcast is available for free on all podcast platforms, just search for 'Tom B. Cooper' or 'A Song A Week' and I'll show up. Promise!

In week 13 of the A Song A Week podcast, I take you through the songwriting, recording, producing, mixing, mastering and release stages of my brand new song for this week, FELICITY.

To read the accompanying blog post and to find out even more about the song and me, CLICK HERE 

I release all my music through DistroKid. They're the best! To release your own music and receive 7% off in the process, use this link http://www.distrokid.com/vip/seven/634637 

When you become a patron, you'll get each song sent to you BEFORE it's released, so you can play and share to your hearts content. Alternatively you can listen to the song on...


Also available on all major streaming and buying services across the internet.

Peace and happy music making. Tom x

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