(Podcast) Brandon Barthrop | The Christian Crack House & Drunken Glory
In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Brandon Barthrop of Red Letter Ministries. Brandon was delivered from years of habitual drug use whenever he came into relationship with Jesus. Brandon mentions having an open vision where God showed him a hookah hose and told him "take and inhale". When he did he felt a euphoria greater than any substance that he has used in his life. This was the intoxication of the Holy Spirit. Gold told Brandon that he would get him higher and all the drugs on the face of the planet combined! Since that day Brandon has enjoyed living off of the bliss of God and practices what is called toking the ghost. Everyone has their opinion of Brandon and his eccentric practices but one thing that you cannot disagree with is his love for people and his openness to share his revelation of Christ. 

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