Podcast: Episode 216 - Dances With Films 2016
This week, Adam and Kevin talk about a few films screening at this year's Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles with reviews of Lilith's Awakening, Shortwave, and Dinner with the Alchemist. Other films discussed include X-Men: Apocalypse,Eat Your Bones, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping,The Intern, The Wailing, Marvin, Seth, and Stanley, Zootopia, Kukurantumi, Beacon Point, Virtual Revolution, Misfortune, Preacher, Outcast, and Bloodline.

00:03:00 - Movie news
00:12:20 - Lilith's Awakening review
00:28:39 - Shortwave review
00:47:11 - Dinner with the Alchemist review
00:56:50 - Watch list
01:28:35 - Movie predictions, new on VOD, Blu-ray releases