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Podcast episodes with music industry legend Judy Stakee
Hi Patrons! I started the new year posting two podcast episodes with Judy Stakee, a brilliant woman in the music industry who signed Sheryl Crow, develops new songwriters, and can hear diamonds in the rough. You can listen to the podcast at!

Here's what we talked about:

Want to send your songs to music supervisors? Music industry veteran Judy Stakee gets right down to it! She'll dig into the importance of being apart of a songwriting community, reveal three avenues for what you can do once you have your own material and how to get your music to different licensing companies! Yes please!!

Part two with music business songwriting expert Judy Stakee starts with discussing the importance of finding your own voice while developing your songs and how to allow your songs to dictate where you move next. We dig into the live aspect of songs- how to let an audience get to know you versus just playing a set. Judy reveals the secrets to what qualities make a successful songwriter and how to really develop your overall talent as an artist.