Podcast=Health Care & Plans
Oh my. There's been a wave of goodwill, emails, mentions elsewhere on the web since my last post. This is my thank you and welcome to a handful of new patrons, and a followup on how the podcast will or will not continue going forward.

Welcome to new patrons and thank you to those who have boosted their support to help me out. 

Artists suck at asking for money. The internet is full of free, and we're alwasy worried we will stop having people enjoy our work if we don't undervalue it terribly. I can't tell you what a weight I felt lift when I tied the survival of the podcast to the value of the Writer's Coalition Insurance Program. 

I pay my bills by working on several different fronts, including a return to narrating other authors' work. That's time away from writing and narrating my own stuff, and as much as I really enjoy it, that work is time away from feeding my readers, listeners and patrons. 

Artists struggle to evolve & compete with 'free', but we devalue ourselves at our peril, and to the detriment of our craft. We do it to be read, or loved, or because we've been convinced we aren't worth more-which is bad for us, and bad for art. Art has to be of value to the consumer and some benefit to the creator...which got me thinking. 

After a car accident in 2014 our family's been without benefits. After investigating the options available for an artist's family (Thanks to Robert J Sawyer for turning me onto the Writer's Coalition) I've assigned my free offering (my long-running 'Serving Worlds' science fiction podcast) a real-world value: the cost of family health insurance.

So, the podcast is now a milestone goal. If we don't hit the goal, I'll shutter the podcast at the next turning point in 'Road to War', in order to give my free listeners a sense of closure. Don't worry patrons: as always, there's a TON coming your way!

I've also, after multiple requests, came up with a couple new  reward levels. Please, stick with a level that works for you and gives you the reward you want. I'd rather have happy patrons than overextended ones. However, there are several fans supporting me 'for the love' at levels well over the $5 reward level. I hope they will take advantage of the new STREET TEAM and ADVISORY COUNCIL levels. 

Thanks for reading,listening, and a huge thanks for your support. In the age of copious and free, it's only the support of a group of patrons that allow artists to grow, improve...and keep you fed!

As always, thanks for your support.


[NOTE: to reassign yourself to a different pledge level, just log in and select the new pledge level on the ServingWorlds 'overview' page. Patreon will send you to a confirmation page where you click the blue 'edit' button on your current pledge.]