Podcast launched!
Well, friends, I've finally done it. I've bought a subscription on Podbean (all thanks entirely to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU) and started posting the back-stock of Disney Odyssey audio for the public. 

The podcast is available at http://dreamstobecome.podbean.com/ AND you can subscribe on iTunes. 

The way this will work is as follows:

1. You, the Patrons, will still receive blog posts and audio things FIRST and foremost. 

2. The podcast will include Disney Odyssey audio and The Night's Rewatch as well as upcoming projects like DND20 Public Radio and Warda. 

3. It will take me a while to 'catch up' to the present day. I have a lot of things to share, so I'll be trying to add stuff every other week or so to the podcast so that The General Masses can join us on our journey, and maybe even join us on the Patreon as well. 

4. Please feel free to share the link on your social media to let people know you're one of the AMAZING people who are helping to make all this happen!

Questions/comments/concerns? Lemme know! :D

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!