PODCAST RELAUNCH! Episode 1 - "Look Ma, No Hands"
Hey beautiful people! Sammus here, writing to you from Seattle where I am currently on tour. Happy September -- and more importantly to me, happy brand-new-podcast day! As I mentioned recently Lanre and I have spent the last month figuring out a new format for the podcast that's a little more organized and focused around tools for creatives. The new format is as follows: we do a "deep reading" of a piece of work from myself, Lanre, or someone else -- so, basically analyze the #[email protected]! out of that one piece, then speak more broadly about what it reminds us about, and then conclude with some things that have inspired us this month (+a neat affirmation that you can say). We really hope that you'll find something neat in listening to our stories, and that you'll enjoy this month's episode! The rest of the perks will be posted up throughout the day (trying to find an hour or two to Internet and chill on tour is always a bit tricky).

Details below!
This month's episode of the Zero Suits Podcast Situation focuses on the themes found in Sammus' song "No Hands" (M'other Brain, 2012). Join the hosts as they talk about everything from French Jazz violinists to Audre Lorde to discuss their crises and moments of clarity in regards to becoming artists.

Direct listen link: https://soundcloud.com/zerosuitspodcast/episode-1-relaunch-look-ma-no-hands

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The Breakdown (1:39 - 14:17)

Commercial #1

This Reminds Me (TRM): (14:58 - 30:07)


Inspiration/Affirmation: (30:34 - 35:38)

Other tracks used:

  • Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
  • Usher - U Remind Me
  • Jean Luc-Ponty - Good Guys, Bad Guys
  • Kanye West - Get 'Em High
  • Black Milk - Hell Below ft. Gene Obey