Podcast Review: Science Solved It (Medium)
Vice/Motherboard science reporter Kaleigh Rogers is a fan of mysteries.

“I’m curious, I’m nosy,” Rogers says in the introduction to her new podcast, Science Solved It, “I want to know what the answer is, and I know that science is really good at solving things and providing evidence and doing research, so I figured that they’ve solved a few mysteries over the years, including some pretty weird ones, and they definitely have.”

Science Solved It is the product of Rogers’ endeavors to find answers to unexplained phenomena. And as the title implies, these unexplained occurrences, like the massive underwater “bloop” covered in episode one, frequently have concrete causes that science can measure. It’s like The X Files if Scully had always been right or ever listened to.

There’s only one full episode up on this pod’s stream right now, so it’s difficult to judge the overall effectiveness of its premise. At the moment, Science Solved It sounds like pretty standard science news/explainer material, but it’s enjoyable and presented really well. Definitely a show to watch. (Well, listen to.)