Podcast Appearance Summary
Starting in February of 2015, I started appearing on a number of podcasts, talking about gaming, comics in media, design, writing, and both playing and running Actual Play podcasts. 

Below you'll find links to all of the appearances I can think of. More have been recorded and are waiting to air, and some are in the schedule to record soon.

I'll try to keep this list updated regularly.

Aquatic Adventures in Gaming


Actual Play Podcasts

5th Edition D&D

Gaming Theory and Round Table Discussions

Geekery in Media

Upcoming Appearances On:

  • @GM_Showcase from Dungeon Master's Block
  • @GeekWarsPod from Dungeon Master's Block
  • @TheYJFiles, with Caleb Gillarmbardo (@TheCalebG)
  • @PartyofOnePod with Jeff Stormer