Podcast Interview with Ron Gonen of the Closed Loop Fund
In the first days of July, Recycling Reinvented recorded our inaugural podcast on our favorite subject: increasing recycling rates. In the weeks and hopefully months to come, we’ll be talking to key players who are working on a similar goal: finding innovative ways in which the private sector can drive higher recycling rates to meet market demand. Recycling professionals around the country are all talking about the Closed Loop Fund. In this podcast, we are joined by Ron Gonen, the new head of the Fund that will make zero-interest loans to municipalities and some businesses to meet unmet capital needs. The Closed Loop Fund is a creation of Walmart and roughly ten of its major suppliers in the consumer packaged goods sector. We’ll find out why the fund was created, what its objectives will be, and what projects are likely to receive loan funds. Gonen served as Deputy Commissioner for Recycling and Sustainability for the City of New York from 2012 to 2014. He is also the co-founder of RecycleBank, a unique incentive program that gives rewards to residents who recycle in participating communities.
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