Podcast - Yanina Purcell

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from things and also learn and grow.

Yanina talked about her experience of immigrating to New Zealand. They moved because she felt she had to rather than wanting too. The culture looked the same but it was not. She talked about trying to replant herself into the soil of a new country. It helped to keep reminding herself why she had immigrated. Making friends and developing a support system is important.

Part of resilience is being vulnerable and being prepared to ask for help.

It took three years before Yanina felt she belonged. 

Everything that is difficult makes you stronger. Falling to pieces is not an option.

Her husband had previously been ill but towards the end of the first year that they were in NZ he was diagnosed with another brain tumour. 18 months after their arrival he died.

Even though things around her were falling down she wouldn’t let herself fall down.

Friends helped during this time and the fact she had to put her energy into her business. This kept her grounded. Her two girls kept her grounded too. 

She went through the stages of grief. Initially everyone is around you and paying attention to you and you don’t have time to think about who you are now. A few weeks or months later suddenly that’s not there anymore. Now you have got to make this work. 

Grief doesn’t follow a natural progression – when things come up you have to let it out.

She was suddenly a solo parent of two young kids in a new country. She had to do everything on my own. It was almost like reinventing herself.

Starting running again. She knew she had to look after herself.

She decided she needed to run a marathon before she turned 50. She also went through a weight loss journey. Retrained to be a personal trainer. More recently she has studied nutrition. Now she is a health coach. 

With physical health comes mental health as well. 

The mind is a powerful organ and it tells you to stop exercising because it is trying to protect us. It is knowing that you can and pushing yourself a little bit further each time. Having something to aim for helps. 

Endorphins are a sort of myth but exercise does boost your serotonin levels – but then so does chocolate.

Nutrition is a young science and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Try and follow your hunger cues, eat whole foods, don’t calorie count. Making sure you get your food groups which are your fruits and vegetables, protein, good fats and smart carbohydrates (non-processed carbs – whole grains, legumes, sweet potato). 

There are red light foods that really shouldn’t be around you. A good statement is “I could eat that but I am choosing not to for now.” Bring yourself back to your goals and values at that time. Stop and be present. “Is this in line with what I want to be doing right now?” 

Find out the reasons behind your habits. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. 

She talked about the important of goal setting in pursuing a new health regime.

Yanina uses positive self-talk to help support herself. “I can do this.”

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